"Terry’s management experience in running a national retail chain helped me gain a greater understanding of the demands of business customers in Ireland.
Having managed Advance Pitstop for 10 years he knows the daily challenges that executives and senior managers face.
Since the launch of 11890 in 2006 I felt it important to keep up to date with what is happening in the business environment. I am sure other business leaders will also be able to gain from Terry’s experience."
Nicola Byrne
CEO, 11890

"As a small successful company we used Relate Consulting to help us determine where we wanted to be in a few years. In business nowadays it is very easy to get caught up in the day-to-day activities of the normal working day. It can be difficult to take time out to reflect where the business is going and to set goals for the future.
We used Terry to guide us through the process of taking stock of the achievements of JM Photo to date and to plan for the future. Our industry is very competitive but as the leading supplier of photographic albums and storage equipment to photographers throughout the country we had already achieved our initial goals. The time was right for us to plan for the future, not just for our own business, but to be able to respond to the continuous changes that are taking place in our industry.
Terry’s experience in a number of business sectors was very helpful in assisting us to take a fresh look at our business and to identify new opportunities.
For any small business who wants to be better prepared for the future we would strongly recommend working with Terry."
Jim McDonald
Managing Director
JM Photo

"SalesSource is a one stop shop that caters for all business needs in the sales function area. Ray Tobin, who heads up the business, has over 25 years’ experience in the sales arena.
Terry has worked with SalesSource to help with the strategic growth plans of the company. Being a successful company does not allow a lot of time to consider the future plans of the business. Thankfully our phones are always ringing with clients and prospects however we recognize that it is critical to plan for the future.
Terry helped us to take time out and to reflect on our success so far and to chart our future goals.
We enjoyed working with him and would recommend him to any business who needs to plan for the future."
Ray Tobin
Sales Director

"Preveli Consulting was founded in 2004 to provide assistance to small and medium sized businesses. We see on a daily basis the issues and challenges that face companies in these difficult times. Our aim is to take some of the burden away from these businesses particularly in the area of operations and compliance.
We used Terry and Relate Consulting to help us work with a client who wanted to take a more strategic look at their business. Terry’s pragmatic and structured approach was very helpful in guiding the client through the options available to the company.
We enjoyed our time working with Terry and would hope to work with him again in the future."
Joe Grant
Managing Director
Preveli Consulting

"C3 is a young Irish marketing and sales company that was started in the middle of the recession. We know how hard it is to get started and to get a company up and running. Despite all the negative impacts of the recession we are very pleased with our success to date and are looking to further grow our business.
We worked with Terry to try and get an additional perspective on where we were going as a company. We found him to be very supportive. He understood the demands on our time and was very flexible in how he provided support to us.
For any young company it is very important to have access to someone with experience and know-how. Terry’s own experience in running a company and his previous experience at a senior level in the banking industry really helped us.
Terry has helped our business enormously and we would recommend him highly."
Ronan Quinn