Managing changing is one of the biggest challenges in a business. The business that does not embrace the philosophy of change is a business in terminal decline. Sometimes changing a successful model of business can be difficult to achieve or even contemplate. Why change when everything is going so well?

Business leaders have to be able to exploit and explore. Exploit or manage the existing business to maximise the benefits and profits that can be achieved from ‘todays’ business model while at the same time exploring or searching how to bring the business to the next level and keep it ahead of the competition.

Success is often a double edged sword – the failure of success - the more successful a business becomes the less inclined it is to change. Often internal forces within such organisations look for stability. This increasing commitment to the status quo reduces the search for information in the market place and amongst competitors thereby increasing conformity.

Change is necessary because the keys to past success may be the seeds of future failure (unless the environment is really stable).

Relate Consulting
will work with business leaders to ensure that exploitation of the current business dynamic does not drive out exploration of future trends and changing business environment.



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