All businesses need to have plans. If a business does not know where it wants to get to it has little chance of achieving its full potential. Taking time out to plan the way forward is critical to all businesses – from the one person start-up to the large corporation. However, strategies really only take on value when committed people instil those strategies and plans with energy and enthusiasm.

Relate Consulting can bring you through the step-by-step process of developing or updating your plans. What is really important is the fact of taking time out to reflect on where the business is going. To chase the right dream!

Taking time out to plan forces business mangers out of their comfort zone and gives the opportunity to explore the uncertainty, but more importantly, the opportunities of the future in a rational and methodical manner.

By developing a strategy that is clearly articulated and documented, staff within a company will better understand the context and appreciate the choices that have been made. This leads to commitment rather than just compliance and embodies engagement – and commitment lives on an entirely different plane than compliance.

We will explore how to identify your competitive advantage mindful of the fact that a company’s most dangerous competitors are those who are most like you. The differences between you and your competitors and the basis for your competitive advantage.

We will develop:

What must be done

What could be done

What must not be done



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